Abilene High School Class of 1961

May 2, 2006

Abilene High School: Post from Karen Wiggins in Africa

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 The Roar of the Lions
 by Karen Wiggins


 As a child, I remember picnics in Abilene, Texas,  with the sound of a lion roaring in the back ground.  I  remember experiencing anger and not fear. The cruelty
of the imprisonment of that poor lion was extreme to  me.  How could they keep that pacing lion, king of the jungle, in such a small cage?  He could barely turn

Yes, one could hear the roar almost everywhere in
 Abilene as small as it was at that time.

 Twenty years later, I would bring my class to the Los  Angles zoo on field trips.  I taught school in Pomona,  California, for 11 years. The first place my class would go was  the African section of the zoo where the lions lived. We had to walk fast.  If we just looked as we went, we would not make it to Africa before it was time to turn around and go back home.  "We're going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo!" was my favorite thing to play on my guitar and sing in preparation for the trip. The lions there were much better off than the one in Abilene. Now these lions were up town.  They had  built an environment for those lions….like you do.  A big cave like area was a good  shelter, a large area to walk around, and even water to cool off in.  They had 
no bars.  Just great crevices between the lions and my class.  We loved those field trips.


Now I am on my best field trip ever– Bunda, Tnzania, in East Africa!  Bunda is a Sukuma word for  'little lion'.  In the 1950's my new town had families of
lions covering the rock filled hills. This was about the same time that I was worrying about the  Abilene
Lion in the little cage. Should I try to sing my
Zoo song to children here I would have to change it to "We live in a zoo, zoo, zoo"  The children here do not even know what a zoo is.  When elephants have a sweet
tooth and come into their village to eat the
casava roots, the kids are fully aware that the animals are free and not behind bars.

 How majestic the lions look in the Serengeti. They  just lie in the grass looking at us as we drive by.  When I look up and around into their environment, it
looks like West Texas without any fences.  Well, not so much as Abilene is now but how it was when I was small.  Even the coming rain smells and feels like
a rain did coming in Abilene.  First the dusty smell comes as the distant rain cleans off the dirty leaves on the mesquites, (Yes there is something here that looks just like the mesquite trees) then comes that sweet, clean smell, then the splash on your face. 
One of the things that I missed when I was not is
Texas was the sky.  The lions on the Serengeti see
this same spectacular sky.  In Texas and here, the
 sky is the star.  When a storm comes you see it way before 
it arrives.  In the rainy season, here the sunsets
 happen 360 degree.  We are up on a kind of plateau  and  we walk the entire circle to see all the degrees of color in every direction.
> >
> > I am not sure that that old "Second hand Lion" In
> > Abilene lived long enough to live in the Abilene
> Zoo
> > are not, but living here makes me feel that I have
> > freed that poor old lion.
> >
> > Rev. Charles and Karen Wiggins host mission field
> > trips to Bunda, Tanzania.  Dentist trips pull
> teeth,
> > doctors bring equipment and help out at the
> Lutheran
> > Hospital, Builders build churches, road repair
> persons
> > repair roads, ministers give bible studies,
> teachers
> > bring books for the library and visit schools and
> some
> > just give general aid to economy to various
> churches.
> > The trip includes a safari through the Serengeti.
> You
> > get to Kilimanjaro Airport and we get you to Bunda
> and
> > back. For more information call Martha Albright,
> Vice
> > President of the One Book Foundation about a tax
> free
> > trip for a group.  Send a self address stamped
> > envelope for a brochure.
> > Martha Albright
> > Phone 479 442-9975
> > e mail  mpalbright@cox.net
> > Address  1910 Old Wire Road
> > Fayetteville, AR 72703
> >
> >
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