Abilene High School Class of 1961

Abilene High School Class of 1961 E-mail addresses & other contact information

   Please note:  There are approixmately 280 names and because of the size of the list I have to divide into 3 groups; thus, you have to search through the entire list since they appear alphabitzed 3 times! Type Control F, then type in a name and it will jump to it.  Sorry bout that.  

Comments or questions, let me know. Also, be sure and post comments at the bottom for any changes in your information or e-mail me and I’ll try and change. If you do not want to appear on the list, e-mail and tell me and you will be deleted. Highlight the e-mail address and shoot an e-mail to a friend… JO

Abel, Linda Wright E-mail Address(es): lwabel@houston.rr.com Personal Information: Address: 12331 Honeywood Trail Houston, TX 77077 Phone: 281-497-7899 Fax: 281-752-9909 Mobile: 281-450-3808 Title: Facilitator

Adams, Mary & Louis E-mail Address(es): MAdams3017@aol.com

Ager, Melinda Mead E-mail Address(es): jwmager2@imsday.com

Arrell, Ralph E-mail Address(es): rkarrell@sbcglobal.net

Atwell, Gena Jay E-mail Address(es): GAtwell937@aol.com Personal Information: Address: 200 Patterson #1004 SAT 78209 Phone: 210 832-8027 Mobile: 210 602-3842

Avery, Johnnie Lou E-mail Address(es): johnnielou@jlavery.com

Bacon, Bill E-mail Address(es): Bill@amshootcenters.com

Baird, L.C. E-mail Address(es): lcbaird14@hotmail.com

Ball, Bev E-mail Address(es): ballb@mcmurryadm.mcm.edu

Barnes, Walter E-mail Address(es): walter.barnes@milliman.com

Bennett, Mike E-mail Address(es): mbennett@allsaintsschool.org

Brock, Janie & Burl E-mail Address(es): JW63brock@aol.com

Bryant, Crystal Ragsdale E-mail Address(es): cbryant@texascattleraisers.org

Butler, Terry E-mail Address(es): TButler029@aol.com

Cabe, Kayline E-mail Address(es): pkredrok@realtime.net Personal Information: Address: P.O. Box 358 Red Rock, Texas 78662-0358 Phone: 512-601-3098 Fax: 512-601- 3239 Mobile: 512-799-3098 Business Information: Company: Lisco Appraisal Service Address: P.O. Box 358 Red Rock, Texas 78662-0358 Phone: 512-601- 3098 Fax: 512-601-3239

Charles, Dianne Mikulas E-mail Address(es): DChar19067@aol.com Personal

Information: Address: 6053 S. Lakewood Ave. Tulsa, OK 74135 Phone: 918-494- 9028 Mobile: 918-381-1641 Business Information: Title: Accel Program Manager Company: Old Republic Insured Automotive Services, Inc. Address: 8282 S.

Collier, Ann Coppedge E-mail Address(es): Texann12@aol.com

Collum, Thereas Hicks & Carl E-mail Address(es): cecollum@hotmail.com

Compere, Clarie E-mail Address(es): cacompere@yahoo.com

Conaway, Doyle & Monnie E-mail Address(es): dconaway@3phasetech.com jdoylec@sbcglobal.net Personal Information: Address: 318 Wildbriar Garland, TX 75043-2920 Phone: 972.270.5640 Fax: 972.681.4090 Mobile: 214.532.5492 Business Information: Title: Director of Quality & Services Company: 3 Phase Technologies Address: 2118 E. Randol Mill Rd. Arlington, TX 76011 Phone: 817.226.1133

Cosper, Linda Simco E-mail Address(es): cosper@vonl.com Personal Information: Address: 5110 Blue Creek Drive Kingwood, Texas 77345 Phone: 281 360-5185 Cox, Phyllis von der Hoff E-mail Address(es): japcox22@hotmail.com

Crosslin, Wiletta Wilkinson E-mail Address(es): CROSSlrc7@aol.com Personal Information: Address: 181 Shady Oaks Ct. Weatherford, TX 76087 Phone: (817) 341-0375

Crowell, Richard & Virginia E-mail Address(es): bluegap42@yahoo.com Personal Information: Address: 266 Wayne Lane Llano Texas 78643 Phone: 830-669-2432 Title: retired

Cumby, Gerald & Sherry Yancy E-mail Address(es): cumby@cowtown.net

Cunningham, Jackie Carl E-mail Address(es): jacksee@sbcglobal.net

Davies, Beth Durham E-mail Address(es): bethdon@uslink.net

Davis, Phil E-mail Address(es): davisric@US.IBM.com

Dyrenforth, Sue Robertson E-mail Address(es): sue@dyrenforth.com; Sue.Dyrenforth@med.va.gov Personal Information: Address: 400 Amazon Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45220 Phone: 513.861.6213 Mobile: 513/290.6322 Business Information: Title: Director Company: V.H.A. National Center for Organization Development Address: 11500 Northlake Drive Suite 206 Cincinnati, OH 45249 Phone: 513.247.4680 Fax: 513.247l4699

Edwards, Sue Proffitt E-mail Address(es): susieed@charter.net

Evans, Pat Bradshaw E-mail Address(es): tjhcms@sbcglobal.net

Evans, Pat Wright E-mail Address(es): patevans@plano.net

Finfer, Ray E-mail Address(es): rayfinfer@hotmail.com Personal Information: Address: PO Box 167726 Irving TX 75016 Phone: 972-851-9789 Fax: 972-650-7260 Mobile: 214-543-2597 Company: RETIRED!!!!!!

Fitzhugh, Jerry E-mail Address(es): fitzsande@aol.com jfitzhugh@rogersfitzhugh.com Personal Information: Address: 10625 Sombra Verde El Paso Tx 79935 Phone: 915-591-5285 Business Information: Company: Rogers, Fitzhugh & Co., P.C. Address: 4855 North Mesa Suite 122 El Paso Tx 79912 Phone: 915-544-6770 Fax: 915-544-0136

Franklin, Jerl E-mail Address(es): jerlfranklin@yahoo.com jfranklin@1stglobal.com Personal Information: Address: 1306 Westshore Dr. Houston TX 77094 Phone: 281-599-1329 Mobile: 713-724-4301 Business Information: Company: Jerl Franklin, Financial Planner, L.L.C. Address: 1306 Westshore Dr. Houston TX 77094 Phone: 281-599-3129

Ginn, Martha Dusek E-mail Address(es): marginn@sbcglobal.net

Grant, Mike E-mail Address(es): michaelgrant2@cox.net

Gray, Stan E-mail Address(es): stan.gray@texasbank.com

Grider, Jerry E-mail Address(es): Jfgrider@aol.com

Griffith, Kay Savage E-mail Address(es): mary.k.griffith@comcast.net

Harrison, Jack E-mail Address(es): jack51343@hotmail.com Business Information: Company: san marcos flower co Address: 200 springtown way 233 san Marcos, tx 78666 Phone: 5123962081

Hays, Glo Lambert E-mail Address(es): Glojhays@aol.com ghays@tahoka.esc17.net Personal Information: Address: 2028 N. 4th Tahoka, TX 79373 Phone: (806) 998- 4039 Business Information: Title: Tahoka Middle School Principal Company: Tahoka ISD Address: P. O. Box 1230 Tahoka, TX 79373 Phone: (806) 561-4538 Fax: (806) 561-6082

Hays, Jane Hampton E-mail Address(es): janehays@sbcglobal.net

Henson, Andy E-mail Address(es): andyhenson@houston.rr.com Personal Information: Phone: 281 440 8517 Mobile: 713 320 9005

Herndon, Caleb E-mail Address(es): eyeclinic@sleekcom.com

Honey, Nancy Shoemaker E-mail Address(es): Nshoney@aol.com

Hood, Tom & Vickie E-mail Address(es): hood42@sbcglobal.net Personal Information: Address: 10806 Palace Way Dallas,Texas 75218 Phone: 214-327-5228 Mobile: Tom Cell214-729-3757

How, Gena Hitt E-mail Address(es): genahow@sbcglobal.net Personal Information: Address: 2824 Buffalo Gap Rd. Abilene, TX 79605 Phone: 325 692 1649 Mobile: 325 864 1200 Business Information: Title: Real Estate Broker Company: Re/Max of Abilene Address: 2545 S. Danville Abilene, TX 79605 Phone: 325-793 5068 Fax: 325 695 5313

Humphrey, Joe E-mail Address(es): joe.humphrey@abileneisd.org Personal Information: Address: 110 Circle of Holly Abilene, TX 79605 Phone: 325-698-2042 Mobile: 325-665-2476 Business Information: Title: Deputy Superintendent Company: Abilene ISD Address: PO Box 981 Abilene,TX 79604 Phone: 325-671-4008 Fax: 325-676-0610

Hunt, Bill & Beverly E-mail Address(es): beverlyhunt@comcast.net

Hunt, Nell Anne Walter E-mail Address(es): nellanne@flash.net Personal Information: Address: 3704 Hidalgo Irving, Texas 75062 Phone: 972-650-1820 Mobile: 972- 743-5044 Business Information: Title: Realtor Company: Ebby Halliday Realtors Address: 7520 N. MacArthur Ste. 100 Irving, Tx. 75063 Phone: 972-409-3229 Fax: 972-969-4242 Web Page: www.ebby.com/agent/Hunt

Johnson, Joyce Berry E-mail Address(es): joycej@lpbroadband.net

Jones, Carl E-mail Address(es): cmj@ctw.com

Kearney, Lana E-mail Address(es): ljkjelati@yahoo.com Personal Information: Address: 5021 Pendleton Drive #306 Madison WI 53718 Phone: (608) 244-4987 Mobile: ( 505) 991-1017 Business Information: Title: Owner / Vice President Company: J eLati, Inc Address: Benefits G100 GEF-1 Phone: (608) 261-0230

Kinser, Judy Hayes E-mail Address(es): kinserfr@brazosnet.com

Krieger, Eddie E-mail Address(es): eKrieger@taylortel.net Personal Information: Address: 510 Country Place So. Abilene, Tx 79606 Phone: 325-572-3420 Mobile: 325-665-4269 Business Information: Title: Part time pill pusher/potter Company: United Supermarkets Address: 3301 South 14th Abilene, Tx 79605 Phone: 325- 698-7801 Fax: 325-698-3440

Logan, Oran & Cheryl E-mail Address(es): ologan@gmail.com

Marshall, John E-mail Address(es): jnmarshall@juno.com jnmarshall@wideopenwest.com Personal Information: Address: 970 Matterhorn Dr. Reynoldsburg Phone: 614- 864-2616 Title: Colonel USA

Retired Mauldin, Larry E-mail Address(es): lbmauldin@satx.rr.com

McCann, Carol Little E-mail Address(es): CMCCANN@hcnews.com

McDonald, Jim E-mail Address(es): jmcdonald@valuepointllc.com

Mitchell, Dolores E-mail Address(es): dmitchell@HomeInteriors.com Personal Information: Address: 211 Eight Cimarron Tr. Irving Tx. 75063 Phone: 972-910- 00189 Business Information: Title: Sales Development Coordinator Company: Home Interiors and Gifts, Inc Address: 1649 Frankford Rd. West Carrollton Tx. 75007 Phone: 972-695-1115

Monk, Billy & Pam E-mail Address(es): monkuic1@aol.com Personal Information: Phone: 972 223 0393

Morris, Gary E-mail Address(es): Gmo4602@aol.com

Murff, Stan E-mail Address(es): stanmurff@chartertn.net

Northcutt, Carolyn Featherston E-mail Address(es): carolynabl@aol.com Personal Information: Address: 3725 Wilshire Dr. Abilene, TX 79603 Phone: 325 672-5193 Mobile: 325 669-3483 Title: Retired

Parks, Susan E-mail Address(es): slpcccmck@yahoo.com

Parris, Donna Day E-mail Address(es): dcdp1126@cox.net

Powell, Bob E-mail Address(es): bpow975@swbell.net Personal Information: Address: 3222 Waldrop Dallas, Texas 75229 Phone: 214-352-3251 Mobile: 214-766-1241 Business Information: Title: Claim Manager Company: Allstate Insurance Company Address: 8700 Freeport Pkw. Irving, Tx. 75063 Phone: 972-342-9681 Fax: 214-352-3251

Pugh, Kirby E-mail Address(es): kirbypugh@yahoo.com Personal Information: Phone: 281-296-6385 Business Information: Pager: 281 7971175

Richardson, Karin Dean E-mail Address(es): karin.richardson@fbcabilene.org Personal Information: Address: 1465 Clinton St Abilene , TX 77603 4405

Rogers, Ann Chapel E-mail Address(es): arocknroll@verizon.net arogers@dal.devry.edu rogersd528@aol.com Personal Information: Address: 2105 Tennyson Drive Flower Mound, TX 75028 Phone: 972-539-1192 Title: Ann–English Professor, DeVry University Company: DeVry University Rogers, Don E-mail Address(es): RogersD528@verizon.net

Rose, David & Kay E-mail Address(es): drosetx@austin.rr.com

Rushing, Lin & Larry E-mail Address(es): LRush76390@aol.com

Sisco, Leroy E-mail Address(es): lsis@earthlink.net Personal Information: Address: 420 Southview Trail Southlake, Texas 76092 Phone: 817-481-5466 Mobile: 214-244- 6178 Business Information: Company: BANC:source Phone: 817-329-2219 Fax: 817-329-3406

Stewart, Jim E-mail Address(es): stew1125@aol.com

Stowers, Carlton E-mail Address(es): cstowers1@comcast.net

Strickland, Carol Ann Johnson E-mail Address(es): carol@aveone.com Personal Information: Address: 8610 Winding Walk Austin, TX 78757 Phone: 512.451.3673 – private # Fax: 512.302.1543 Mobile: 512.426.2381 Business Information: Company: AvenueOne Properties, Inc. Address: 2414 Exposition, C- 100 Austin, TX 78703 Phone: 512.472.3336 ext 3131 Fax: 512.472.4722

Tartt, Alison Kay E-mail Address(es): alison.tartt@earthlink.net

Taylor, Spencer E-mail Address(es): Spence55_99@sbcglobal.net Personal Information: Address: 2417 So 39th,Abilene,Tx 79605 Phone: 325-692-1123 Mobile: 325-668- 3852 Business Information: Title: Retired Company: Taylor’s Service(Delivery) Address: Home Phone: 325-692-1123

Thorp, Dale E-mail Address(es): dthorp@snet.net Personal Information: Address: 12 Morgan Place, Unionville Ct. 60 Phone: 860-673-0780 Fax: 860-673-8385 Mobile: 860-305-3179 Title: Retired/Consultant

Tice, Diane E-mail Address(es): dianetice@mindspring.com Personal Information: Address: 1349 Railfence Drive Columbia S.C. 29212 Phone: 803 429 4064 Mobile: 803 781 1768

Tidwell, Paul E-mail Address(es): ptidwell08@sprintpcs.com Personal Information: Mobile: 832 527 5854

Waldrip, Marian Hann E-mail Address(es): marianwaldrip@pobox.com

Watson, Martha Havins E-mail Address(es): marthan@valornet.com

Webb, David E-mail Address(es): DWebbabilene@cs.com

Welch, David & Judy E-mail Address(es): popandmamie@msn.com Personal Information: Address: 19 Lakewood Dr. Sweetwater, TX 79556 Phone: 325-235-5904 Mobile: 915-338-6933

Wichlep, Jane Pruitt E-mail Address(es): janew@fisherboyd.com

Wiggins, Karen Lusby E-mail Address(es): tigger72703@yahoo.com

Williams, Ramona Batis E-mail Address(es): Ramonawilliams110@sbcglobal.net

Wolda, Shari Sanderson E-mail Address(es): Shari_Wolda@baylor.edu

Woodring, Marjie Adams E-mail Address(es): mwoodring4@comcast.net Personal Information: Address: 2715 Amber Waves Ln Fort Collins Co

Workman, Mike E-mail Address(es): mike@mworkman.com


Akin, Mike E-mail Address(es): akinj0710@aol.com

Alexander, Bob E-mail Address(es): bob.alexander@nhcc.mnscu.edu

Alexander, Charles E-mail Address(es): chjmalex@earthlink.net

Alexander, Jeanne Merchant E-mail Address(es): chjmalex@earthlink.net

Ammerman-King, Marilyn Ingmire E-mail Address(es): marilynammerman@msn.com Title: RETIRED (at last)

Anderson, Dana Tesson E-mail Address(es): dtesson@grandecom.net

Andrews, Carl David E-mail Address(es): ddeadly@flash.net

Andrews, Donna Whittington E-mail Address(es): bofeens@hotmail.com Arnold, Glenda E-mail Address(es): gsa@crcom.net

Austin, Truett E-mail Address(es): taustin@fni.com

Barahona, Cecilia Dehlinger E-mail Address(es): cecilia_barahona@uss.salvationarmy.org

Barton, Suzanne Albright E-mail Address(es): suzanne.barton@bhesc.org

Bennett, Jerry E-mail Address(es): jjstagedoor@aol.com

Bennett, Mike E-mail Address(es): mbennett@allsaintsschool.org

Benson, Pam Beazley E-mail Address(es): mobenso@ev1.net

Beyer, Doug E-mail Address(es): bdbeyer@pegasusbb.com

Bicknell, Glen Black, Beth Welch E-mail Address(es): dblack3@houston.rr.com

Boren, Gail E-mail Address(es): gail@boren.cc

Bouquet, Joyce Brown E-mail Address(es): grannieb123@sbcglobal.net

Boyd, John E-mail Address(es): Jboyd30@houston.rr.com

Brashier, Rose Ann Dixon E-mail Address(es): rb_ranch@hotmail.com

Bredemeyer, Ronnie E-mail Address(es): rbredemeyer@aol.com Personal Information: Phone: 325 692 8385 Office: 325 695 8809

Bridwell, Bob E-mail Address(es): rcbridwell@yahoo.com

Caesar, Carole Davis E-mail Address(es): ccaesar@flash.net

Capps, Mary Sue Allison E-mail Address(es): mel_pj@hotmail.com

Carmack, Priscilla Shell E-mail Address(es): deanscot@hotmail.com

Carroll, John E-mail Address(es): john@keatonkolor.com

Chambers, Bill & Lana Mims E-mail Address(es): bonacres@zianet.com

Cunningham, Larry E-mail Address(es): larry@wildcanyonostrich.com

Davis, Betty E-mail Address(es): ladybjdavis@sbcglobal.net

Davis, Joe E-mail Address(es): joedavis@amanatrust.org.uk

Decker, Derrell E-mail Address(es): ad1dd@earthlink.net

Deen, Loyd S. E-mail Address(es): res229cb@verizon.net

Devries, Nick E-mail Address(es): devries@cl.uh.edu Edwards, Sue Proffitt E-mail Address(es): susieed@charter.net

Elliott, Harry E-mail Address(es): higround@sbcglobal.net

Flaugher, Barbara Cargile E-mail Address(es): barbara.r.flaugher@fritolay.com

Flaugher, Barbara Cargile E-mail Address(es): barbara.r.flaugher@fritolay.com

Frey, Wade Gilbreath, Jerry E-mail Address(es): jerrymarygil@sbcglobal.net

Gist, David Mac E-mail Address(es): dgist@lawrencehall.com

Goldblatt, Kenn E-mail Address(es): goldblatt@usa.com

Gordon, Donna O’Dell E-mail Address(es): dagordon865@aol.com

Grant, Evelyn Mayberrry E-mail Address(es): evelyngrant@cox.net

Green, John E-mail Address(es): greenjw43@comcast.net

Hall, Carol Kerfoot E-mail Address(es): cchall@fuse.net

Hopkins, Diane Haddox E-mail Address(es): deehop55@aol.com

Hopkins, Doug & Carol Ely E-mail Address(es): dlhopkins1@msn.com

Hughes, Lawrence E-mail Address(es): lhughes@mybluelight.com

Irvine, Sue E-mail Address(es): sueirvine@aol.com Personal Information: Mobile: (469) 853-2747 Business Information: Title: www.honeysucklerosehotel.com web Company: Honeysuckle Rose Address: Curve of Ridge Road, The Mountain, @ Old Mill Marketplace, 542 E 64, Canton, Texas Phone: 903-567-3909 Web Page: www.honeysucklerosehotel.com

Jones, Larry E-mail Address(es): ldjandbjj@aol.com

Kennedy, Sherman E-mail Address(es): montybluebird@aol.com

King, Holley Purcell E-mail Address(es): jonking@ev1.net

Lage, Kay Mosley E-mail Address(es): kaylage@ebby.com

LeBus, Bill E-mail Address(es): jwlebus@yahoo.com

Ligon, Curby E-mail Address(es): curbyligon@aol.com

McConnell, Peggy McFall E-mail Address(es): honeypop1960@aol.com

Miller, Anita Horton E-mail Address(es): nitalou@hotmail.com

Morrison, Patrick; 3117 Mossy Oak Lane, Bedford, TX, 76021.;  E-mail Address(es): patrickmorrison@comcast.net

Munnerlyn, Vonnie Looper;  E-mail Address(es): vonnielm@charter.net

Mussman, Edna Cole E-mail Address(es): ladynina2003@cox.net

Nichols, Bob E-mail Address(es): nichols@camalott.com

Nowell, Dicky E-mail Address(es): dnowell27@earthlink.net

Owens, Ginger Province E-mail Address(es): gingerowens@sbcglobal.net

Philbrick, Sandra Hale E-mail Address(es): sandra.philbrick@sbcglobal.net

Plascak, David E-mail Address(es): davidp9212@sbcglobal.net

Pope, Dennis E-mail Address(es): dpope67574@aol.com Personal Information: Address: 17424 121st Terr No. Jupiter FL 33478 Phone: 1-561-745-0160 Mobile: 1-772- 3413737

Pope, Ethel Thomas E-mail Address(es): ethelpope@aol.com

Prentice, Joanne E-mail Address(es): oscoff@aol.com

Proctor, Bill E-mail Address(es): grammi60@yahoo.com

Ragsdale, Mike E-mail Address(es): mlrags@prodigy.net Personal Information: Address: 18054 CR 479 Lindale, Texas 75771 Phone: (903)882-4884 Mobile: (903) 539- 7165 Title: Retired

Reeves, Don E-mail Address(es): bjreeves_2000@yahoo.com

Richardson, Betty Maxwell E-mail Address(es): BettyGTX347103@aol.com

Risley, Donna McClatchey E-mail Address(es): joerisley@direcway.com

Rister, Mary Jones E-mail Address(es): purple.butterfly@juno.com

Rodriquez, Richard E-mail Address(es): rrod61@sbcgloba.net

Roe, Bennie & Linda E-mail Address(es): blroe@aol.com Personal Information: Address: 16506 Darby House St. Cypress, TX 77429 Phone: 281-304-7000 Fax: 281-304- 7100 Business Information: Title: President Company: Texas Capital Funding, Inc. Address:

Rothchild, Jimmy E-mail Address(es): natada3@msn.com

Ruth, Jim E-mail Address(es): jim.ruth@cox.net

Sikes, Sam E-mail Address(es): texaussie@doingworks.com

Smith, Darrell E-mail Address(es): dsmith911@netzero.com

Smith, Linda E-mail Address(es): llsmith821@cs.com

Standifer, John E-mail Address(es): stjts@aol.com

Stivers, Bill E-mail Address(es): bstivers@nch.com

Swayne, Michael E-mail Address(es): swayne@ampex.com

Swenson, Hilmer E-mail Address(es): jrswenson@comcast.net

Taylor, Karen Wheeler E-mail Address(es): ktaylor@hexter-fair.com

Tharp, Nancy & Don Thomas,

Stan E-mail Address(es): sthomas@temple-telegram.com

Thompson, Liz Winmill E-mail Address(es): mtnhikers@hawaiiantel.net P.O. Box 311, Kekaha, HI 96752 

Toney, Carolyn E-mail Address(es): carolyntoney0800@sbcglobal.net

Waldrop, Rita Lewis E-mail Address(es): rwaldrop@akin-almanza.com

White, Frank E-mail Address(es): dfwhite314@aol.com Personal Information: Address: 301 Finney Dr. Weatherford,Tex 76085 Phone: 817-444-9107 Mobile: 972-658- 5336 Wilson, Cecil E-mail Address(es): w-wilson@raytheon.com


Armstrong, Joe E-mail Address(es): joearmstrong1776@aol.com

Baker, Peggy Wood

Boren, Mike E-mail Address(es): borendon@hotmail.com

Brashier, Rose Ann Dixon E-mail Address(es): rb_ranch@hotmail.com

Burrow, Jerry E-mail Address(es): jsburrow@aol.com

Butler, Donnie Donahoo E-mail Address(es): donniebutler@hotmail.com

Capps, Mary Allison E-mail Address(es): mel_pj@hotmail.com

Carmack, Priscilla Shell E-mail Address(es): deanscot@hotmail.com

Chapman, John E-mail Address(es): jchapm@taylortel.net

Connally, Judith Miller E-mail Address(es): mj4371@aol.com

Davis, Tom Edd E-mail Address(es): pggydavis@aol.com

Garvin, Sharon Jean Filmon E-mail Address(es): jgarvin@wtrc.com

Green, Dana E-mail Address(es): DanaWGreen@aol.com

Hall, Carol Kerfoot E-mail Address(es): cchall@fuse.net

Hann, Harold Harbour, Jan E-mail Address(es): jpharbour@charter.net Personal Information: Mobile: 214-923-3050 Business Information: Fax: 214-522-8868 Hart, Gayle E-mail Address(es): GH79601@webtv.net

Hassell, Johnette E-mail Address(es): Hassell@tulane.edu

Hedges, Vickey Poss E-mail Address(es): vicandvichedges@aol.com

Hedges, Victor E-mail Address(es): vicandvichedges@aol.com

Henson, Barbara Brown E-mail Address(es): gkayhenson@aol.com

Herndon, Caleb E-mail Address(es): eyeclinic@sleekcom.com

Hershey, Marvin Hilen,

Calvin Hogan, Milton E-mail Address(es): milthogan@aol.com

Hufstedler, Doyle E-mail Address(es): hwh684@sbcglobal.net

Hughes, Lawrence E-mail Address(es): lhughes@mybluelight.com

Irvine, Lewis E-mail Address(es): tmtrailers@aol.com

Irvine, Sue E-mail Address(es): sueirvine@aol.com Personal Information: Mobile: (469) 853-2747 Business Information: Title: www.honeysucklerosehotel.com web Company: Honeysuckle Rose Address: Curve of Ridge Road, The Mountain, @ Old Mill Marketplace, 542 E 64, Canton, Texas Phone: 903-567-3909 Web Page: www.honeysucklerosehotel.com

Jaggers, Charles E-mail Address(es): cpr@sydrom.net

Knapp, Betty Shirley E-mail Address(es): mcbjknapp@aol.com

Lam, Sharon Terbush E-mail Address(es): slam@wfisd.net

Langford, Donna Butler E-mail Address(es): donna@drchamber.com

Laughlin, Fay Denton E-mail Address(es): alaug@sbcglobal.net

Lawson, Barbara Stevenson E-mail Address(es): pblaws@aol.com

Leddy, David E-mail Address(es): dlleddy@sbcglobal.net

Lesly, Jerene Richards E-mail Address(es): raylesly@hotmail.com

Lindsey, Ann Bryant E-mail Address(es): annblindsey@sbcglobal.net

Little, Jim E-mail Address(es): jimlittlent@aol.com

Lovell, T. Lynn E-mail Address(es): lovell2824@charter.net

Martin, Harold E-mail Address(es): csmhmartin@aol.com

Martin, Judith Hampton E-mail Address(es): babycakesm42@aol.com

McAuley, Davis E-mail Address(es): dmcauley@bastropadvertiser.com

McCannon, Dennis E-mail Address(es): DMcCannon@msn.com

McCollum, Don E-mail Address(es): danddmccollum75@aol.com

McConnell, Peggy McFall E-mail Address(es): honeypop1960@aol.com

McCoy, Virginia Beard E-mail Address(es): jen1819@hotmail.com

McDonald, Harry “Buzzy” E-mail Address(es): harrymcd@harrymcdonald.com

McGinn, Fred E-mail Address(es): fred.mcginn@oc.edu

McWilliams, Charles E-mail Address(es): chuckmcw@msn.com

Miles, Roddy E-mail Address(es): roddymiles@earthlink.net

Miller, J.M. Mick E-mail Address(es): mj4371@aol.com

Mitchell, Kathleen King E-mail Address(es): kmitch@ev1.net

Moon, Peggy Johnson E-mail Address(es): moonbase_43@hotmail.com Personal Information: Address: 8259 Hwy 16 DeLeon TX 76444 Phone: 254/893-6739 Business Information: Phone: 254/893-2088

Mooring, Mina Taylor E-mail Address(es): mina@park-lake.org

Morrison, Pat E-mail Address(es): patrickmorrison@comcast.net

Moses, Betty J. Owens E-mail Address(es): bmoz@sbcglobal.net

Nail, Joel E-mail Address(es): joelnail@sbcglobal.net

Nail, Pat Wingo E-mail Address(es): joelnail@sbcglobal.net

Neal, June Havins E-mail Address(es): ljneal@academicplanet.com

Newman, Wylie E-mail Address(es): patricia.newman@cox.net

Nichols, Bob E-mail Address(es): nichols@camalott.com

Nowell, Dick E-mail Address(es): dnowell27@earthlink.net

Palmer, JoAnn Ray E-mail Address(es): patpalmerins@cox.net

Pape, Dennis E-mail Address(es): dennispape@sbcglobal.net

Partin, Jimmy E-mail Address(es): jpiii@nts-online.net

Perry, Audrey E-mail Address(es): audrey.perry@abilenetx.com

Plascak, David E-mail Address(es): davidp9212@sbcglobal.net

Proctor, Bill E-mail Address(es): grammi60@yahoo.com

Proctor, Sharon Johnson E-mail Address(es): grammi60@yahoo.com

Purcell, Eugene E-mail Address(es): c.e.purcell@sbcglobal.net

Roberts, Frankie Hampton E-mail Address(es): wrfr1349@joimail.com

Roberts, Gordon E-mail Address(es): gordonr@m-rleasing.com

Roe, Boni Jean Hunter E-mail Address(es): rabonpvill@sbcglobal.net

Sargent, Pam Sprinkle E-mail Address(es): bisqtmakr@nts-online.net

Scott, Larry E-mail Address(es): cannoncocker@worldnet.att.net

Shipman, J. Kenney E-mail Address(es): jkshipman@cox.net Personal Information: Mobile: (325) 669-9812 Business Information: Title: Attorney Address: 70 Mill Ct. Abilene Texas 79603 Phone: (325) 677-3993

Short, Steve

Spear, Sandra Burks E-mail Address(es): sandilu2@netzero.net Spouse, Jack E-mail Address(es): jack_sprouse@msn.com

Teten, Jerry E-mail Address(es): jerryteten@simens.com

Thompson, Clara Cheek E-mail Address(es): cthompson@ahog.net

Treanor, Stanley E-mail Address(es): treanorss@cox.net

Trigg, Clinton E-mail Address(es): flightofraptors@yahoo.com

Waldrum, Gayle Giles E-mail Address(es): tiffy11286@aol.com

Watford, Stroman E-mail Address(es): stromanwatford@hotmail.com

Whittington, Teresa O’Neal E-mail Address(es): teresaonealw@yahoo.com

Wiginton, Randal E-mail Address(es): wiginton43@hotmail.com

Williams, Donna Dugger E-mail Address(es): aldon@tampabay.rr.com

Wilson, Cecil E-mail Address(es): w-wilson@raytheon.com

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Young, Carl E-mail Address(es): ccyoung1@swbell.net



  1. Rodriguez, Richard
    E-mail Address(es):
    Personal Information:
    681 I Street Spc A-9
    Chula Vista, CA 91910-5101
    Phone: 619-427-4333
    Title: LT,USN,Retired

    Comment by Richard Rodriguez — May 2, 2006 @ 5:56 pm | Reply

  2. Hi John,
    I just received the email list of ’61 AHS and it sure brought back memories. I would like to add my address: 3117 Mossy Oak Lane, Bedford, TX, 76021. I am retired from Marconi Communications. After AHS, short marriage, then 9 years USN Electronics Tech, 12 years as Field Service Manager with Tektronix, Inc., Then 17 years as production and quality manager with RELTEC/Marconi Communications. Medically retired, heart attacks, stroke, etc. Currently working on elements of family tree. Married a Rhode Island girl over 40 years ago, 2 daughters and 8 grandchildren.

    I have enjoyed reading the emails concerning John Gerhart. I agree with those who knew him best. He was a special person. John was one of the first people I met in Abilene. I had just started South Junior High in the 8th grade, coming from NYC, and John introduced himself to me either on my first day or perhaps as late as the second day in school. We talked and he made me feel welcome.

    Hey, thanks for starting this up.

    Comment by Patrick Morrison — May 21, 2006 @ 12:12 am | Reply

  3. Hi John,
    First let me send a great big “THANKS” to you and Molly. I thoroughly enjoy hearing about our class mates. I print copies of each article and mail to Jana Hopkins Teel and Kay Killough Smith as they don’t have email addresses. They also enjoy the correspondence. We are all looking forward to the class reunion.

    Suggestion: I’m in the second group of email addresses, but my last name is on the same line as Cecilia Dehlinger Barahona. Could you drop “Barton” to the next line to register with the rest of my name and email address?

    Thanks and keep up the good work!!!!

    Comment by Suzanne Barton — May 25, 2006 @ 3:32 pm | Reply

  4. John, Thank you for all the information regarding our class. It brings back fond memories. I got our senior year book out and reviewed the pictures. It was fun to remember all of you. I have recently had contact with Glo Lambert Hays. It was good to talk to her. Thank you for all the work to put this together.

    Fred McGinn

    Comment by Fred McGinn — October 13, 2006 @ 2:03 pm | Reply

  5. Hi, John: Wanted to get back in touch in case there are plans for a 50th reunion. I retired from law practice about 3 years ago and Lin and I moved full time to our home in Taos, NM (actually, it’s the village of Arroyo Seco about half way between Taos and Taos Ski Valley). Hope you and your family are doing well. And thanks for keeping everyone connected.

    Best regards,

    Comment by Carl Jones — April 11, 2010 @ 7:13 pm | Reply

  6. Please add me to your list. I have attended the last 3 reunions and plan to attend next year. Someone called me several months ago for an email address.
    Please add my name to the list and add my personal information:
    email: this is my wife’s email address: tjboldt@peoplepc.com
    Larry Henderson
    19402 Ponderosa
    Eustace, Texas @Cedar Creek Lake
    214-558-8502 cell
    214-369-6063 wk
    903-451-4262 lake phone
    7606 Eastern Ave #20
    Dallas, Texas 75209

    Comment by Larry Henderson — October 19, 2010 @ 12:37 am | Reply

  7. has a date been set for our 50th reunion next year?

    Comment by Larry Henderson — October 19, 2010 @ 5:40 pm | Reply

  8. Hi John,
    It was great seeing you in Wimberly! Just got on this site and found that all my information is outdated and that is why I’m not getting your emails. If you would be so kind as to update the info as follows I would appreciate it:
    Email doloresm@live.com
    Cell 972-742-0433
    Address 5240 Kolter Lane
    Midlothian, TX. 76065

    Thank you so very much,

    Comment by Dolores Mitchell — October 26, 2010 @ 3:13 pm | Reply

  9. Dear John O.

    Please add me to this list. It was so much fun to see so many of you at the Wimberly Reunion in 2010. Thanks again for making it possible.
    My address is Glenn and Glenda Carr 45 Troon Dr Odessa TX, 79762 432-362-8335 432-528-2634

    Comment by Glenda Shaddix Carr — March 21, 2011 @ 12:49 am | Reply

  10. you can post my email


    Comment by Glenda Shaddix Carr — March 21, 2011 @ 12:51 am | Reply

  11. John I have been researching new email addresses for the 50th class reunion and some of them have changed from your list so I am sending you the updated emails:
    Carol Little McCann littlemccann@att.net
    Sue Proffitt Edwards

    Comment by Fay (Denton) Butler — May 21, 2011 @ 2:03 pm | Reply

  12. Also, you can add me to the list–I find I am not on there
    Fay (Denton) Butler
    (325) 672-1193
    1280 Mimosa Dr.
    Abilene, Texas 79603

    Comment by Fay (Denton) Butler — May 21, 2011 @ 2:11 pm | Reply

  13. Please correct my email address on the list.

    Comment by Mina Taylor Mooring — May 30, 2011 @ 1:48 am | Reply

  14. Thomas, Stan corrsct e-mail address is slthomas49@att.net.

    Comment by J. Stan Thomas — August 24, 2011 @ 9:45 pm | Reply

  15. hi john, we all love you john and your family for all you’ve done for our class john, my e-mail has changed: calebherndon@rocketmail.com i hope you and your family continue to enjoy excellent health and fulfillment in life my best to you always, caleb w herndon

    Comment by caleb w herndon — September 8, 2011 @ 3:15 pm | Reply

  16. Hi, please add me to the list even tho I didn’t graduate at AHS. I left between my jr & sr year and graduated from a DoD school in Spain. I have lived in Abilene since 1973 and both of my sons graduated from AHS, in 83 & 89. I will always be an Eagle fan!
    Dolores Hasenak Rollins

    Comment by Dolores Rollins — October 3, 2011 @ 3:52 pm | Reply

  17. just found your site. add me please.

    Comment by judy (cooley) isbell — December 15, 2011 @ 3:42 pm | Reply

    • Judy what is your email ? email me @ johnodam@sbcglobal.net I don’t keep up this site very well but will add you to my AHS 61 class e address. John

      Comment by johnodam — December 16, 2011 @ 7:04 pm | Reply

  18. john my email address is judycooley90@hahoo.com

    Comment by judy (cooley) isbell — December 19, 2011 @ 9:21 pm | Reply

  19. Please add me to your email list

    Comment by Jana Hopkins Teel — February 1, 2012 @ 2:53 am | Reply

  20. I somehow did not get on roster because I left town; my e-mail attached

    Comment by Arwil Smith — March 25, 2012 @ 3:05 am | Reply

    • It’s hard to find anyone on face book!

      Comment by Arwil Smith Self employed Weather Dynamics & A+ construction also author of up cumming romantic, comedy adventure trilogy; Total Experience. — February 22, 2013 @ 4:49 am | Reply

  21. Howdy! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be ok. I’m absolutely enjoying your blog and look
    forward to new updates.

    Comment by Krithinidhi Mistry — September 1, 2012 @ 10:51 pm | Reply

  22. Arwil E Smith

    Comment by Arwil Smith Self employed Weather Dynamics & A+ construction also author of up cumming romantic, comedy adventure trilogy; Total Experience. — September 2, 2012 @ 3:29 am | Reply

    • Thanks for th memories.

      Comment by Arwil Smith Self employed Weather Dynamics & A+ construction also author of up cumming romantic, comedy adventure trilogy; Total Experience. — February 9, 2013 @ 12:06 am | Reply

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